Stabilized Earth Floors

Stabilized Earth Floors

Stabilized Earth Floors

KOURASANIT’s earth floors are based on the active substances from natural materials which act as adhesives.  The composition is mixed with water, after it solidifies it creates a strong and durable mixture. Once applied and compressed, the mixture appears perfectly natural, resembling soil, yet it does not become muddy or dusty. Earth floors are used in parks, roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths. Due to its natural aesthetic, earth floors are recommended for archaeological and historical sites.


  • Suitable for parks, streets, walkways, and landscaping.
  • Creates a strong and durable material once it’s mixed with water and compressed
  • Creates an absorbent floor without feeling muddy
  • Applied on pavement, roads and non-manipulated gravel (approximately 40cm)
  • The material is applied in three coats (1st coat: without vibration, 2nd coat: with vibration, 3rd coat: without vibration).  Water is sprayed during application afterwards water primer is applied.
  • Thickness depends on the usage: (10cm for pedestrians and bicycles, 15-30cm for roads)
  • The basic color palette for KOURASANIT earth floors include beige, brown, red, and ochre
  • A special series of KOURASANIT earth floors are available for stadium and tennis courts

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